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Screen Resolution: Your screen resolution must set to 800 x 600 pixels or higher
Browser: Inetrnet Explorer 5 or higher or Mozilla Firefox
Other Software: Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher click here to install

How to use the Laws of Botswana feature

The Laws of Botswana feature enables you to access all Acts of Parliament and Subsidiary Legislation. This feature allows you to search using multiple criteria which include:

  • Keywords
  • Act title(Short or Long)
  • Cap. No.
  • Provision 

The feature allows you to search either principal legislation or subsidiary legislation or both by checking the appropriate boxes. Once a search has been done a list of results will be displayed which will include the title and the Cap. No. Click on the title to open up the Act. The sections of the Acts will be displayed on the left hand side and you can navigate to them by clicking on them. There is also a table of contents available.

How to use the Botswana Law Reports feature

This feature allows you to search cases using multple criteria, which include:

  • Case No
  • Year
  • Party Names
  • Court
  • Citation
  • Fly notes
  • Head note
  • Subject matter
  • Judge
  • Key words
  • Legislation Judicially Considered

Once a search has been done a list of results will be displayed which will contain the case number, the party names and the flynote and will be ranked according to relevance. Click on the case you wish to view and the case will open up. On the left hand side there will be a chronological listing of cases by year.

Other Features

New Legislation
This section contains all the new  Bills, Acts and SIs. To access these, click on the new legislation link. The new legislation will then be displayed with the latest ones being displayed first. To view, click on the legislation you would like to view and it will open in a new window as a PDF document. Close the window to return to the list of new legislation.

Statute Law
This section contains the statute law listed according to dates. Click on the link of the statute laws you wish to open up. The statute laws are in PDF.

Unreported Cases
This section contains unreported cases of the High Court, Industrial Court and Court of Appeal including latest judgements. To select a case, either go to the listing of cases which has been arranged by date or do a search using party names or date of judgement.


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