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CHAPTER: 19:02
Part:III Games of Chance (ss 7-8)


7.       Certain games of chance not unlawful


            (1) A game of chance shall be deemed not to be an unlawful lottery if it is played at an entertainment promoted on behalf of a registered society in accordance with the following conditions, that is to say-

     (a)     the promoter of the entertainment shall be a member of the society authorized in writing by the governing body of the society to act as such;

     (b)     the whole of the proceeds of the payments made (whether by way of entrance fee or stake or otherwise) by the players, after deducting sums lawfully appropriated on account of expenses and for the provision of prizes or awards in respect of the game, are applied to the purposes of the society;

     (c)     the amount of such proceeds appropriated in respect of expenses shall not exceed the reasonable cost of the facilities provided for the purposes of the game;

     (d)     no person under the age of 16 years shall be permitted to play; and

     (e)     the maximum payment made by each player in respect of each game played at an entertainment shall not exceed 10 thebe.

            (2) If any condition required by this section to be observed in respect of a game of chance played at an entertainment is contravened, the promoter of the entertainment and any other person who is a party to the contravention shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding P100 or, in default of payment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months.


8.       Returns to be made by the promoters


            The provisions of section 6 shall have effect in relation to an entertainment promoted on behalf of a society at which a game of chance is played as it has in relation to a lottery to which section 3 applies.