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CHAPTER: 72:02

Part:IV Officers, Employees and Agents of the Post (ss 10-11)


10.     Appointment of officers and employees


            (1) The Corporation shall have a chief executive who shall be appointed by the Minister upon such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Corporation.

            (2) No person shall be appointed as the chief executive of the Corporation unless he is qualified by experience and training and has demonstrated that he is competent to manage and operate the undertakings of the Corporation.

            (3) The chief executive of the Corporation shall, subject to such directions on matters of general policy as may be given by the Corporation, be charged with the direction of the business of the Corporation and of its administration and organization, and the control of the employees of the Corporation.

            (4) The chief executive may resign from office by notice in writing addressed to the Minister, and may be removed from office by the Minister.

            (5) The chief executive may delegate to any senior officer of the Corporation the exercise of any powers which he is authorized to exercise under this Act.

            (6) The Board shall, on consideration of the recommendations of the chief executive, from time to time determine the staff deemed necessary for the proper discharge of the functions of the Corporation and the terms and conditions of employment.

            (7) The appointment and dismissal of all persons to or from positions designated by the Corporation as held by senior officers shall be made by the Board on consideration of recommendations of the chief executive.

            (8) The appointment and dismissal of all other staff shall be made by the chief executive or such senior officer as he may delegate to perform this function.

            (9) The Corporation may-

     (a)     grant pensions, gratuities or retiring allowances to any officer or employee and may require such officer or employee to contribute to any pension or contributory scheme;

     (b)     for the benefit of its officers and employees, establish and make contributions to any pension or superannuation fund or medical fund; and

     (c)     from time to time appoint and employ upon such terms and conditions as it may think fit such agents and contractors as it may deem necessary.

            (10) Public officers may be transferred or seconded to the Corporation or may otherwise give assistance thereto.


11.     Delegation to committee


            The Board may, by resolution, delegate to any committee of the Corporation the exercise of any of the powers which the Corporation is authorized by this Act to exercise either generally or in any particular case.