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CHAPTER: 72:02

Part:VII General (ss 22-28)


21.     Annual report


            (1) The Corporation shall, within a period of six months after the end of the financial year or within such longer period as the Minister may approve, submit to the Minister a comprehensive report on its operations during such year together with the auditors' report and the audited accounts as provided for in section 20, and the Corporation shall publish them in such manner as the Minister may specify.

            (2) The Minister shall, within 30 days of his receiving the Corporation's report, lay such report before the National Assembly.


22.     Compulsory acquisition of land


            For the purposes of any written law for the time being in force relating to the compulsory acquisition of land for public purposes, the functions and operations of the Corporation shall be deemed to be public purposes.


23.     Resettlement measures


            If the operations of the Corporation make necessary the resettlement of any person dwelling upon any communally owned land, the terms of such resettlement shall be subject to the agreement of the Government and of the local authority of the area concerned.


24.     Compensation for loss or damage


            (1) In the exercise of its powers under this Act in relation to the execution of works or interference with property the Corporation shall cause as little detriment and inconvenience and do as little damage as possible, and shall make full compensation to all local and other authorities and other persons who have sustained loss or damage for all loss or damage sustained by them by reason or in consequence of the exercise of such powers and, in default of agreement between the parties, the amount and application of such compensation shall be determined by arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act.

            (2) For the purpose of such arbitration the parties shall be deemed to be parties to a submission in which the reference is to two arbitrators.


25.     Power to call for information


            The Minister may require the Corporation to provide him with such information, concerning the operations, plans and financial accounts of the Corporation as he deems necessary.


26.     Protection from personal liability


            No matter or thing done by any member of the Corporation or by any officer or employee of the Corporation shall, if the matter or thing is done bona fide for the purpose of executing any provision of this Act, render such person or any person acting by his direction personally liable to any action, claim or demand whatsoever.