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CHAPTER: V Parliament ss 5794
Part:II General Provisions Relating to Procedure in National Assembly ss 7176

71.     Oaths to be taken by Speaker and Members

          The Speaker, before assuming the duties of his or her office, and every Member of the National Assembly before taking his or her seat therein, shall take and subscribe before the Assembly the oath of allegiance.

72.     Presiding in Assembly

          There shall preside at any sitting of the National Assembly-

    (a)     the Speaker;

    (b)     in the absence of the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker; or

    (c)     in the absence of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, such Member of the Assembly (not being the President or Vice-President or a Minister or Assistant Minister) as the Assembly may elect for that sitting.

73.     Quorum in Assembly

          If objection is taken by any Member of the National Assembly present that there are present in the Assembly (besides the person presiding) less than one third of the Members of the Assembly and, after such interval as may be prescribed in the rules of procedure of the Assembly, the person presiding ascertains that the number of Members present is less than one third, he or she shall thereupon adjourn the Assembly.

74.    Voting in Assembly

          (1) Save as otherwise provided in this Constitution, any question proposed for decision in the National Assembly shall be determined by a majority of the votes of the Members present and voting.

          (2) ...

          (3) The person presiding in the National Assembly shall have neither an original vote nor a casting vote and if upon any question before the Assembly the votes are equally divided the motion shall be lost.

75.     Unqualified persons sitting or voting

          Any person who sits or votes in the National Assembly knowing or having reasonable grounds for knowing that he or she is not entitled to do so shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding P50 or such other sum as may be prescribed by Parliament for each day on which he or she so sits or votes in the Assembly, which shall be recoverable by action in the High Court at the suit of the Attorney-General.

76.     Regulation of procedure in Assembly

          (1) Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the National Assembly may regulate its own procedure.

          (2) The National Assembly may act notwithstanding any vacancy in its membership (including any vacancy not filled when the Assembly first meets after any dissolution) and the presence or participation of any person not entitled to be present or to participate in the proceedings of the Assembly shall not invalidate those proceedings.