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CHAPTER: 72:03
Part:IV Officers, Employees and Agents of the Authority s 16

16.     Appointment of officers and employees

            (1) The Authority shall have a Chief Executive who shall be appointed by the Minister on the recommendation of the Board, and upon such terms and conditions as it may determine.

            (2) No person shall be appointed as the Chief Executive of the Authority unless he possesses such experience and training as the Minister may prescribe or approve, and he has demonstrated that he is competent to carry out the functions of the Authority.

            (3) The Chief Executive shall, subject to such directions on matters of policy as may be given by the Board, be charged with the administration and organization of the Authority, and the control of the employees of the Authority.

            (4) The Chief Executive may delegate, to any senior officer of the Authority, the exercise of any powers which he is authorized to exercise under this Act.

            (5) The Chief Executive may resign from office by giving three months' notice thereof in writing to the Minister.

            (6) The Chief Executive may be removed from office by the Minister giving him three months notice thereof in writing, or by paying him three months' salary in lieu of notice.

            (7) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (6), the Minister may remove the Chief Executive from office at any time without giving notice for-

     (a)     misconduct or incompetence; or

     (b)     such conflict of interest as, in the opinion of the Minister, warrants his removal from office.

            (8) The Board shall appoint the senior officers of the Authority, and the Chief Executive shall appoint such other officers and staff as may be necessary for the proper discharge of the functions of the Authority.

            (9) The dismissal of senior officers of the Authority shall be made by the Board, and the dismissal of all other officers shall be made by the Chief Executive or such other senior officer as he may delegate to perform that function.

            (10) The terms and conditions of employment of the staff of the Authority shall be as may be determined by the Board in their respective contracts of employment; and the said terms and conditions of employment may make provision for the payment, to such staff and their dependants, of such benefits, gratuities or other allowances as the Board may determine.