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CHAPTER: 17:01





                1.         Short title

                2.         Interpretation


Statistics Botswana

Establishment and Functions of Statistics Botswana

                3.         Establishment of Statistics Botswana

                4.         Functions of Statistics Botswana

                5.         Seal of Statistics Botswana


Constitution and Qualifications of Board

                6.         Constitution of Board

                7.         Tenure of office

                8.         Qualifications, removal and resignation of members of Board

                9.         Filling of vacancy

               10.         Remuneration

               11.         Strategic and annual plan


Meetings and Proceedings of Board

               12.         Election of Vice Chairperson

               13.         Meetings of the Board

               14.         Declaration of interest

               15.         Committees of Board

               16.         Meetings of committees

               17.         Direction by Minister


The Statistician General and Staff of Statistics Botswana

               18.         Appointment of Statistician General

               19.         Staff of Statistics Botswana

               20.         Oath of secrecy

               21.         Indemnity


Financial and Accountability Provisions

               22.         Funds of Statistics Botswana

               23.         Financial Year

               24.         Accounts and audit

               25.         Annual report


National Statistical System, Official Statistics and Principles of Official Statistics

               26.         Operation of National Statistical System

               27.         Appointment and functions of committees

               28.         Official statistics

               29.         Principles of official statistics


Data and Information Collection

               30.         Carrying out statistical collection without authorisation prohibited

               31.         Matters for which statistics may be collected

               32.         Duty to furnish required information

               33.         Duty of individuals to answer questions

               34.         Erection of barriers on roads

               35.         Conducting of statistical business

               36.         Entry and inspection of premises


Confidentiality and Disclosure Requirements

               37.         Disclosure of information prohibited

               38.         Disclosure of statistical information to international agencies

               39.         Dutytonotifyastodescriptionof businesses for which returns are required

               40.         Authentication of forms, notices and other documents


Access to Records

               41.         Access to public and other records

               42.         Database under Income Tax Act

               43.         Database of exports and imports

               44.         Returns of criminal records

               45.         Data dissemination and accessibility

               46.         Security of recorded information

               47.         Review of other data by Statistician General

               48.         Letters, etc. as to Statistics to be transmitted post free



               49.         Offences and penalties

               50.         Regulations

               51.         Transitional arrangements

               52.         Repeal of Cap.17:01 and Savings


                            SCHEDULE I: Oath of Office and Secrecy

                            SCHEDULE II: Statistics Subjects


Act 38, 1967,
Act 40, 1969,
Act 15, 2009,
S.I. 113, 2010.

An Act to establish a body corporate to be known as Statistics Botswana; to require that official statistics be produced by means of a process that is guided by the National Statistical System; to provide principles for the production and dissemination of official statistics; and for matters incidental thereto.

[Date of Commencement: 1st December, 2010 ]

Part:I Preliminary ss 12

1.       Short title

            This Act may be cited as the Statistics Act.

2.       Interpretation

            In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-

            "agency" means a component of the National Statistical System that is carrying on statistical business;

            "authorised officer" means-

     (a)     any officer of Statistics Botswana or the public service holding office of statistician; or

     (b)     any person authorised in writing by the Statistician General to perform a relevant function;

            "Board" means the Board of Directors of Statistics Botswana constituted under section 6;

            "business" means an activity carried on in the commercial, industrial or service sector, whether or not for profit, by any person or entity in the public or private sector, and includes branches of a business;

            "census" means the collection of statistical data relating to-

     (a)     population and housing;

    (b)     enterprises and establishments;

     (c)     agricultural activities; or

     (d)     any other subject as Statistics Botswana may determine.

            "Chairperson" means the Chairperson of the Board appointed under section 6;

            "contractor" means a person appointed under contract to carry out, on behalf of the Statistician General, duties relating to the collection, compilation, analysis, abstraction, publication, archiving and dissemination of statistical information;

            "document" means a-

     (a)     form, questionnaire, schedule, notice or report whether in print, electronic, photographic or hand written form;

     (b)     documentary recording or transcribed computer printout or record capable of being produced as a printout by a mechanical or electronic device; or

     (c)     medium or device by means of which information is recorded or stored;

            "metadata" means information about data;

            "member" means a member of the Board appointed under section 6 (2) and includes the Chairperson;

            "National Statistical System" means a system consisting of Statistics Botswana and all producers and users of statistics in the nation, that shall facilitate cooperation and consultation for the purpose of the development of statistics and the production of official statistics under the oversight of Statistics Botswana as provided in section 26;

            "official statistics" means statistics produced under section 26;

            "respondent" means any individual or household or any government ministry, or institution, business or other organisations who or which supplies or is required to supply statistical information;

            "return" means a document completed by-

     (a)     a respondent; or

     (b)     an authorised officer of Statistics Botswana or of another government ministry or institution which produces statistics, for the purpose of producing official statistics;

            "senior officer" means an officer who holds-

     (a)     the position of head of division or unit of any division or unit of Statistics Botswana, or a position equivalent thereto; or

     (b)     an officer defined as a senior officer by the Statistician General and the Board; Statistics

            "statistical business" means the planning, collection, compilation, processing, analysis, publication, dissemination and archiving of statistics;

            "statistical collection" means the process, for purposes of official statistics, of-

     (a)     conducting a census or a sample survey; or

     (b)     collating administrative records or data for statistical business;

            "Statistician General" means the Chief Executive Officer of Statistics Botswana appointed under section 18;

            "statistics" means any aggregated numerical information, which is compiled and analysed according to sound and statistical methodology in accordance with accepted scientific principles, and is in connection with, or incidental to, any census or survey of all or any of the matters specified in Schedule II, and includes information derived from records of administration kept by line ministries, local authorities, and other agencies;

            "Statistics Botswana" means the body corporate established under section 3(1) as the pre-eminent national agency for the development and management of official statistics;

            "survey" includes a survey of persons whereby information is collected from all persons in a field of inquiry or from a sample thereof, wholly or primarily for statistical purposes;

            "System" means the National Statistical System.