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CHAPTER: 06:01







1.        Short title

2.        Interpretation


References by Consent out of Court


3.        Authority of arbitrators and umpires to be irrevocable

4.        Submission to include provisions in Schedule

5.        Reference to an official referee

6.        Staying of legal proceedings

7.        Matters not to be submitted to arbitration

8.        Power of parties in certain cases to supply vacancy

9.        Umpires

10.        Reference to three arbitrators

11.        Power of Court in certain cases to appoint an arbitrator or umpire

12.        Arbitrators and umpires to be disinterested parties

13.        Court's powers to remove arbitrator or umpire, to set award aside and to award costs

14.        Taxation of fees

15.        Powers of arbitrator or umpire

16.        Interlocutory powers of Court

17.        Time for making award

18.        Interim awards

19.        Remission of case by Court

20.        Enforcement of award

21.        Procedure when place of arbitration not provided for in submission


References under Order of Court


22.        Reference for report on questions arising in a cause

23.        Procedure on receipt of report by Court

24.        Reference of certain matters for trial before referee or arbitrator

25.        Office and authority of such referee, etc.

26.        Force of report or award

27.        Powers of Court




28.        Subpoena or summons

29.        General powers of Court or judge

30.        Statement of case

31.        Costs

32.        False evidence


Schedule - Provisions to be Implied in Submissions


Proc. 75, 1959,
Law 30, 1962,
L.N. 84, 1966.

An Act to provide for the settlement of disputes by arbitration.

[Date of Commencement: 27th November, 1959]

Part:I Preliminary (ss 1-2)


1.       Short title


            This Act may be cited as the Arbitration Act.


2.       Interpretation


            In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-

            "arbitration" means any proceedings held pursuant to a submission;

            "arbitrator" means any person acting as such pursuant to a submission;

            "Court" means the High Court;

            "official referee" means any referee appointed by the Court in terms of any general rule of Court without reference to any particular matter;

            "special referee" means any particular person appointed to be a referee in any particular matter;

            "submission" means a written agreement, wherever made, to submit present or future differences to arbitration, whether an arbitrator is named therein or not;

            "umpire" means any person acting as such pursuant to a submission.