PART: Miscellaneous (ss 18-20)

CHAPTER: 74:06


18.     Immunity


            No matter or thing done or omitted by any member of the Board or by any officer or employee of the Board shall, if the matter or thing is done or omitted bona fide in the course of the discharge of the Board's functions, render such member or officer or employee, or any person acting by his direction, personally liable to any action, claim or demand.


19.     Regulations


            The Minister may after consultation with the Board make regulations for the better carrying out of any of the purposes of this Act, and such regulations may prescribe offences and provide penalties in respect of such offences not exceeding imprisonment for one year or fines not exceeding P2000, or both.


20.     Amendment of Schedules


            The Minister may, by order published in the Gazette, amend the Schedules.




(section 2)

     1. Sorghum, maize, wheat and pulses.

     2. Sorghum meal, maize meal and wheat flour.

     3. Any seed of sorghum, maize, wheat or any pulse, intended for use as planting material.

     4. Sunflower seeds, ground nuts, castor beans, cotton seeds and soya beans.

     5. Rice and rice seeds.

     6. Millet, millet seed and millet products.




(section 7)

     1. At any meeting of the Board the chairman shall preside, but if the chairman is not present at any meeting the deputy chairman shall preside, or, if the chairman and the deputy chairman are not present at any meeting, the members present and forming a quorum shall elect one of their number to act as chairman for that meeting.

     2. At any meeting of the Board any five members thereof shall constitute a quorum.

     3. Decisions of the Board shall be decided by a majority of the members present and voting on the matter in question, and in the event of an equality of votes the chairman or the person acting as chairman at that meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to his deliberative vote.

     4. Minutes of each meeting of the Board shall be kept in proper form, and shall be confirmed by the Board at its next meeting and signed by the chairman or the person acting as chairman at such next meeting.

     5. The Board may in its discretion invite any person to attend a meeting of the Board, and such person may, with the consent of the chairman or the person acting as chairman at that meeting, speak but shall have no power to vote.

     6. Subject to the provisions of the Act and this Schedule and to any directions given by the Minister, the Board may regulate its own procedure.