PART: National Intelligence Community (ss 27-28)

CHAPTER: 23:02

National Intelligence Community (ss 27-28)

[Ch2302s27]27.     Establishment and composition of Community

            (1) There is established a Community to be known as the National Intelligence Community which shall consist of-

     (a)     the Director General who shall be the chairperson;

     (b)     the Deputy Director General;

     (c)     the head of the Crime Intelligence Bureau;

     (d)     the Assistant Chief of Staff of Military Intelligence;

     (e)     the Permanent Secretary in the ministry responsible for foreign affairs;

     (f)      the Assistant Director responsible for intelligence in the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime;

     (g)     the Chief Immigration Officer; and

     (h)     the Commissioner General of the Botswana Unified Revenue Service.

            (2) The Community shall be an advisory body to the Director General.

            (3) The Deputy Director General shall be the Secretary to the Community.

[Ch2302s28]28.     Functions of Community

            The functions of the Community shall be to-

     (a)     review and coordinate intelligence;

     (b)     ensure that there is inter-agency exchange of intelligence; and

     (c)     coordinate such activities as may be directed by the Director General.