PART: Preliminary ss 12

CHAPTER: 47:04

1.       Short title

            This Act may be cited as the Vocational Training Act.

2.       Interpretation

            (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-

            "apprentice" means an employee bound by a contract of apprenticeship;

            "Authority" means the Botswana Training Authority established under section 3;

            "Board" means the Board of the Authority established under section 5;

            "Chief Executive Officer" means the chief executive officer of the Authority appointed under section 16;

            "equivalences of vocational qualifications" means the same value of awards among various qualifications within the vocational training system being developed;

            "Framework" means the Botswana National Vocational Qualifications Framework established under section 20;

            "Fund" means the Vocational Training Fund established under section 21;

            "levy" means a training levy imposed under section 24;

            "national internship programme" means a programme which provides opportunities for experiential training by employers for graduate interns for a period of time specified by the Minister;

            "retooling" means to retrain and re-organise for the purposes of updating and improving skills;

            "technician level" means a training level leading to qualifications higher than those specified in the Framework under section 20;

            "trainees" means employees enrolled in and undergoing an approved programme in vocational training;

            "training institution" means a private or public centre, organisation, employer or person, providing vocational training; and

            "vocational training" means provision of skills, knowledge and attitudes up to certain specified levels of qualification below the technician level.

            (2) For the purposes of section 21 of the Act, the national internship programme and retooling shall be deemed to be vocational training.