PART: Constitution and Administration (ss 3-7)

CHAPTER: 21:01

3.    Constitution of the Service

   (1) The Service shall consist of the Commissioner of Police and such numbers of those ranks specified in the Schedule as the President may from time to time direct, and police officers shall rank for seniority in the order shown therein.

   (2) The President may, by order published in the Gazette, amend the Schedule.

4.    Commissioner

   (1) The Commissioner shall, subject to this Act and the general direction of the President, have the command, superintendence, direction and control of the Service and shall be responsible to the President for maintaining peace and good order throughout Botswana.

   (2) The Commissioner may, subject to this Act, issue or approve such orders for the general control and administration of the Service as he may deem necessary.

5.    Delegation of powers of Commissioner

   (1) Any power conferred on the Commissioner by this Act may, subject to the directions of the Commissioner, be exercised by the Deputy Commissioner.

   (2) Any power vested in the Commissioner by any enactment, may be delegated to an officer of or above the rank of Superintendent.

6.    Duties, functions and administration of Service

   (1) The Service shall be employed in and throughout Botswana to protect life and property, prevent and detect crime, repress internal disturbances, maintain security and public tranquillity, apprehend offenders, bring offenders to justice, duly enforce all written laws with which it is directly charged and generally maintain the peace.

   (2) For the performance of their duties under this Act police officers may carry arms.

   (3) The Service shall perform such military duties within Botswana as may be required of it under the authority of the President as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

   (4) The control of the police in any place shall be vested in such police officer as may be appointed by the Commissioner to be in charge thereof; such officer shall carry out the orders of the Commissioner in all matters subject to this Act.

7.    Employment of Service in emergency

  The President may, in time of war or other emergency, employ the Service or part thereof in the defence of Botswana:
    Provided that the Service or such part thereof when so employed shall remain, for the purpose of administration and discipline, under the command of the Commissioner.